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Our Beliefs


The doctrine of the Church is in accordance with that system commonly called “the Reformed Faith” as expressed in the Confession of Faith as set forth by the historic Westminster Assembly together with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. Our Form of Government is Presbyterian with the emphasis on the Bible as the sole and final authority. And thus Sola Scriptura is the basis of our doctrine and practice.

The five pillars of our church are:

(1) Protestant

(2) Reformed

(3) Revivalist

(4) Presbyterian

(5) Separatist

By conviction and practice we use the King James Version of the Bible in our English Congregation and only forms of worship that exalt the majesty and glory of God. We believe that only the Lord God almighty alone is worthy of our worship and that the worship service is to be conducted in a manner consistent with what He specified in His Word.